Team Team

As part of the Global Team, we have our own dedicated team of staff and volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to provide youth education through soccer.


Heather Turney
Founder & Executive Director

Having coached youth soccer for many years, our Founder has always been tuned onto the power of soccer to engage youth. After spending a year in South Korea, where students were often left unengaged, exhibiting a lack of creativity due to a model of rote memorization, she did something unthinkable – took the students to the gym during math class. By using games and activities, she noticed that the kids not only were more excited to learn, but they learned quicker and were better ‘teammates’ to their fellow students. As she began to integrate basic educational topics onto the soccer field, the seed of education through soccer, which developed into Global Team, was planted.

Her passion for youth soccer and education has taken her through many unique and diverse paths both as a coach, program director, consultant, curriculum developer and teacher. Her varied backgrounds all combine to provide the Global Team its direction, vision and goals for universal education through soccer.

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Chris Singer
Director of Communications

Husband. Co-creator of my daughter Tessa. Stay and work-at-home dad. Web designer. WordPress guru. Freelance writer. Straight ally. Aspiring author. Legomaniac. Futbol daddy. Timbers Army member. Soccer can and will indeed save the world.

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Jake Taylor
Latin American Consultant/Connector

Born in Colombia directly across the street from a soccer stadium and being adopted/raised in Washington, Jake has developed a profound adoration for the game and is passionate about teaching Spanish and soccer.


Adriana Rewald
Blog Author and Educational Contributor

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